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Felicity enjoyed a boost of controversy when it was discovered that Riley Weston, one of the show's writers and actresses, was born Kimberlee Elizabeth Kramer in 1966 —not 1979, as her résumé reads.

While ABC continues to struggle, especially in its quest for the all-important 18-to-49-year-old viewers, the WB is making serious inroads into establishing itself as the youth network. Felicity, Charmed, and last season's Dawson's Creek have all found a loyal following of high-school age viewers. Felicity and Dawson's both suffer from reality issues, though. Keri Russell's Felicity is wise and insightful beyond her years, and high school students are simply not as sophisticated or emotionally perceptive as the cast of Dawson's are. But boy, are these kids interesting to watch, if only to wonder what's wrong with kids on the other side of the set.

Felicity, one of the new series to generate an early buzz, has enjoyed the added boost of a much-publicized controversy. It was discovered that one of the show's writers and actresses, 32-year-old Riley Weston, reinvented herself in 1997, changing her name and her birth date. She was born Kimberlee Elizabeth Kramer in 1966, not 1979, as her résumé reads. Why this took Hollywood by surprise makes no sense. The town is obsessed with youth, and if someone can pull off such a ruse, all the power to him or her. After all, don't most 19 year olds try to look 30, and wouldn't most 32 year olds die to look 19?

There was also significant buzz early on for Charmed, if only out of curiosity. Shannen Doherty playing a witch? Too appropriate. But the show actually has a lot of... well, charm, as well as clever twists and turns. While the Dubba Dubba has succeeded with dramas, however, the network has yet to churn out a worthwhile comedy.

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