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Updated February 28, 2019 | Infoplease Staff

Frequent and funny questions

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Is your know-it-all boss trying to stump the office with a trivia question? Did you get the final Jeopardy question wrong again?

Infoplease is flooded each day with questions spanning every topic imaginable. We've decided to share a few of our most frequent inquires, as well as a few of the funniest questions we've received.

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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

10 Who was the only woman to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor? 9 How many earthquakes happen in the world each year? 8 When will the Daytime Emmy Awards be on TV? 7 Why is New York City called The Big Apple? 6 When, and in what order, did the states join the union? 5 I know a group of elephants is called a "herd" and a group of fish is sometimes called a "school," but what about ________? 4 How do I contact the president at the White House? 3 What time will the sunrise/sunset be on ____day, _____ in the year _____? 2 I'm putting together a scrapbook and I want to know what was going on in the year 19__? 1 What are the three words in the English language that end in "-gry"?

Editor's Picks

Who invented the parking meter?
What is the best selling Girl Scout cookie of all-time?
What was the first item to have its barcode scanned?
What was the first letter Vanna White turned over on Wheel of Fortune?
How many U.S. presidents were left-handed?
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