1999 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (Chicago Cubs)

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Mark Grace.30959310718316913
Henry Rodriguez.3044477213626872
Glenallen Hill.300253437620555
Sammy Sosa.288625114180631417
Manny Alexander.27117717480154
Lance Johnson.260335468712113
Jeff Reed.25825629663281
Jose Nieves*.24918116452180
Benito Santiago.24935028877361
Curtis Goodwin.2421571538092
Mickey Morandini.241456601104376
Jeff Blauser.24020041489262
Tyler Houston.23324926589271
Chad Meyers*.2321421733044
Gary Gaetti.20428022579460
Shane Andrews.195348416816511
Acquired: P Aguilera and P Scott Downs from Min. for P Jason Ryan and P Kyle Lohse (May 21); P Bowie, P Ruben Quevedo and PTBN from Atl. for IF Jose Hernandez and P Terry Mulholland (Jul. 31).
Claimed: C Reed off waivers from Col. (Jul. 8). Signed: P Ayala (Sept. 3); IF Andrews (Sept. 9). Waived: OF Goodwin (Aug. 6). Traded: IF Houston to Cle. for P Richard Negrette (Aug. 31).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Bobby Ayala3.511-76682.03979
Rick Aguilera3.696-34446.11032
Terry Adams4.026-35265.02857
Jon Lieber4.0710-1131203.146186
Rodney Myers4.383-14663.22541
Kevin Tapani4.836-1223136.03373
Felix Heredia4.853-16952.02550
Kyle Farnsworth*5.055-927130.05270
Scott Sanders5.524-767104.15389
Andrew Lorraine5.552-51161.22240
Steve Trachsel5.568-1834205.264149
Dan Serafini6.933-24262.13217
Micah Bowie*10.242-71451.03441
Saves: Adams (13); Aguilera (8); Rod Beck (7); Sanders (2); Heredia and Serafini (1). Complete games: Trachsel (4); Lieber (3); Lorraine (2); Tapani and Farnsworth (1). Shutouts: Lieber, Farnsworth and Lorraine (1).

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1999 NL Team by Team Statistics
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