2002 Cross Country Skiing Medalists

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There are two techniques in cross country: classical (parallel skis) and freestyle (skating style). The Sprint features a qualification round with the fastest 16 skiers moving on to elimination heats. Top two finishers in each heat advance until there is a four-skier final. The Combined Pursuit is held on one day and consists of a classical race (10-km for men, 5-km for women) followed by a freestyle race (10-km for men, 5-km for women). The starting order in the freestyle portion of the Combined Pursuit is determined by the classical leg finish.

Medal breakdown (12 events): 10 medals—Norway (3-4-3); Seven—Russia (3-3-1); Five—Italy (2-2-1); Four—Germany (1-2-1); Three—Estonia (1-1-1); Two—Spain (2-0-0) and Austria (0-1-1); One—Canada (0-0-1), Czech Republic (0-0-1) and Switzerland (0-0-1).

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