2002 Men's Olympic Cross Country Skiing Medalists

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1.5–km Sprint

1 Tor Arne Hetland, NOR 2:56.9
2 Peter Schlickenrieder, GER 2:57.0
3 Cristian Zorzi, ITA 2:57.2
Best USA: No American skier qualified for the elimination heats.

15–km Classical

1 Andrus Veerpalu, EST 37:07.4
2 Frode Estil, NOR 37:43.4
3 Jaak Mae, EST 37:50.8
Best USA: 12th, John Bauer (38:55.7); 16th, Patrick Weaver (39:24.4).

Combined Pursuit

1 Johann Muehlegg, SPA 49:20.4
2 Frode Estil, NOR 49:48.9
2 Thomas Alsgaard, NOR 49:48.9
Best USA: 15th, Kris Freeman (50:32.0).

30–km Freestyle

1 Johann Muehlegg, SPA 1:09:28.9
2 Christian Hoffmann, AUT 1:11:31.0
3 Mikhail Botvinov, AUT 1:11:32.3
Best USA: 22nd, Andrew Johnson (1:14:26.9).

50–km Classical

1 Mikhail Ivanov, RUS* 2:06:20.8
2 Andrus Veerpalu, EST 2:06:44.5
3 Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset, NOR 2:08.41.5
*Ivanov finished second to Spain's Johann Muehlegg, who was stripped of his gold medal after test results revealed he failed a pre-race drug test. Muehlegg tested positive for darbepoetin, a drug that can enhance performance in endurance sports by increasing oxygen capacity through greater red blood cell production. He was ordered to leave the Games but allowed to keep the two gold medals he won earlier.
Best USA: 34th, John Bauer (2:19:35.7).

4 x 10–km Mixed Relay

1 Norway 1:32:45.5
2 Italy 1:32:45.8
3 Germany 1:33:34.5
NOR—Anders Aukland, Frode Estil, Kristen Skjeldal, Thomas Alsgaard; ITA—Fabio Maj, Giorgio di Centa, Pietro Piller Cottrer, Cristian Zorzi; GER—Jens Filbrich, Andreas Schluetter, Tobias Angerer, Rene Sommerfeldt.
USA entry: 5th; John Bauer, Kris Freeman, Justin Wadsworth, Carl Swenson (1:34:05.5).


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2002 Cross Country Skiing Medalists
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