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(Encyclopedia) almanac, originally, a calendar with notations of astronomical and other data. Almanacs have been known in simple form almost since the invention of writing, for they served to record?

Shopping Online

Shopping online is incredibly convenient for most people, but some consumers fear the (very real) possibility of Internet fraud. Protect yourself from online scams and identity theft when shopping?

Brewer's: Almanac

is the Arabic al manac (the diary). Verstegen says it is the Saxon al-mon-aght (all moon heed), and that it refers to the tallies of the full and new moons kept by our Saxon ancestors. One?

Brewer's: Clog Almanac

A primitive almanac or calendar, originally made of a ?clog,? or log of wood, with four faces or parallelograms, the sharp edge of each face or side was divided by notches into three?

The Best Online Games for Kids

From Club Penguin to Poptropica, here is a quick guide to some of the most popular online kids games Related Links Ratings of Games on the Internet What Kids Do Online?

Tips for Online Investing

Source: Securities and Exchange Commission More Americans are investing in the stock market and many of them are doing so through the Internet. Online brokerages account for approximately 25?

Online Trading Websites

Ameritrade: Charles Schwab: Datek Online: E*Trade: Fidelity Investments: Harrisdirect: Merrill?