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Andrew, Saint

(Encyclopedia)Andrew, Saint [Gr.,=manly], in the New Testament, one of the Twelve Apostles, brother of Peter. According to tradition he was a missionary in Asia Minor, Macedonia, and S Russia. According to the apoc...

Philip, Saint

(Encyclopedia)Philip, Saint, one of the Twelve Apostles. Like Peter and Andrew, he came from Bethsaida in Galilee. He is mentioned several times in the New Testament (Mat. 10.3; John 1.43–51; 6.5,7; 12.21,22; 14....

Elizabeth, Saint

(Encyclopedia)Elizabeth, Saint, 1207–31, daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and wife of Landgrave Louis II of Thuringia. She is called St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She led a simple life, personally tended the sic...

Hull, Brett Andrew

(Encyclopedia)Hull, Brett Andrew, 1956–, Canadian-American hockey player, son of Bobby Hull. Brett, an outstanding scoring right wing and a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen, played for the Univ. of Minnesota–Duluth (...

Peter, Saint

(Encyclopedia)Peter, Saint, d. AD 64?, most prominent of the Twelve Apostles, listed first in the Gospels, and traditionally the first bishop of Rome. His original name was Simon, but Jesus gave him the nickname Ce...

Wyeth, Andrew Newell

(Encyclopedia)Wyeth, Andrew Newell w´th [key], 1917–2009, American painter, b. Chadds Ford, Pa. Wyeth's work has been enormously popular, critically acclaimed, and sometimes severely criticized since his fir...


(Encyclopedia)Hermitage: see Jackson, Andrew.

Volstead Act

(Encyclopedia)Volstead Act: see under Volstead, Andrew Joseph.

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