The Iliad of Homer, translated by Lang, Leaf, and Myers

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Done into English Prose by

Andrew Lang, M.A.

Walter Leaf, Litt.D.

Ernest Myers, M.A.


Prefatory Note
Note to Revised Edition
Notes to the Reader
How Agamemnon and Achilles fell out at the siege of Troy; and Achilles withdrew himself from battle, and won from Zeus a pledge that his wrong should be avenged on Agamemnon and the Achaians.
How Zeus beguiled Agamemnon by a dream; and of the assembly of the Achaians and their marching forth to battle. And of the names and numbers of the hosts of the Achaians and the Trojans.
How Menelaos and Paris fought in single combat; and Aphrodite rescued Paris. And how Helen and Priam beheld the Achaian host from the walls of Troy.
How Pandaros wounded Menelaos by treachery; and Agamemnon exhorted his chief captains to battle.
How Diomedes by his great valour made havoc of the Trojans, and wounded even Aphrodite and Ares by the help of Athene.
How Diomedes and Glaukos, being about to fight, were known to each other, and parted in friendliness. And how Hector returning to the city bade farewell to Andromache his wife.
Of the single combat between Alas and Hector, and of the burying of the dead, and the building of a wall about the Achaian ships.
How Zeus bethought him of his promise to avenge Achilles' wrong on Agamemnon; and therefore bade the gods refrain from war, and gave victory to the Trojans.
How Agamemnon sent an embassage to Achilles, beseeching him to be appeased; and how Achilles denied him.
How Diomedes and Odysseus slew Dolon, a spy of the Trojans, and themselves spied on the Trojan camp, and took the horses of Rhesos, the Thracian king.
Despite the glorious deeds of Agamemnon, the Trojans press hard on the Achaians, and the beginning of evil comes on Patroklos.
How the Trojans and allies broke within the wall of the Achaians.
Poseidon stirreth up the Achaians to defend the ships. The valour of Idomeneus.
How Sleep and Hera beguiled Zeus to slumber on the heights of Ida, and Poseidon spurred on the Achaians to resist Hector, and how Hector was wounded.
Zeus awakening, biddeth Apollo revive Hector, and restore the fortunes of the Trojans. Fire is thrown on the ship of Protesilaos.
How Patroklos fought in the armour of Achilles, and drove the Trojans from the ships, but was slain at last by Hector.
Of the battle around the body of Patroklos.
How Achilles grieved for Patroklos, and how Thetis asked for him new armour of Hephaistos; and of the making of the armour.
How Achilles and Agamemnon were reconciled before the assembly of the Achaians, and Achilles went forth with them to battle.
How Achilles made havoc among the men of Troy.
How Achilles fought with the River, and chased the men of Troy within their gates.
How Achilles fought with Hector, and slew him, and brought his body to the ships.
Of the funeral of Patroklos, and the funeral games.
How the body of Hector was ransomed, and of his funeral.
Book: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
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