Profile of June Squibb

Date Of Birth:
6 November 1929
Place Of Birth:
Vandalia, Illinois

At the age of 84, actress June Squibb was nominated for an Oscar for her salty-tongued performance in the 2013 film Nebraska. A longtime stage actress whose career took her from the American midwest to New York and beyond, Squibb didn't make her film debut until she was 55 years old -- she had a bit part in Woody Allen's Alice (1990). By that time, she was a bona fide little old lady with a certain screen presence, and she continued to get small roles in film and television, appearing in Scent of a Woman (1992, starring Al Pacino), In & Out (1997), About Schmidt (2002, briefly, as Jack Nicholson's departed wife) and Far From Heaven (2002, starring Julianne Moore). The critical acclaim for her turn as Bruce Dern's wife in Alexander Payne's 2013 film Nebraska brought Squibb into the spotlight and her first Oscar nomination.