Other Playoffs

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Other Playoffs

Ten times since 1946, playoffs have been necessary to decide league or division championships or wild card berths when two teams were tied at the end of the regular season. Additionally, in the strike year of 1981 there were playoffs between the first and second half-season champions in both leagues.

National League

Year NL WL Manager
1946 Brooklyn 9658 Leo Durocher
St. Louis 9658 Eddie Dyer
Playoff: (Best-of-3) St. Louis, 2-0
NL WLManager
1951 Brooklyn 9658 Charlie Dressen
New York 9658 Leo Durocher
Playoff: (Best-of-3) New York, 2-1 (WLW)
Year NL WLManager
1959 Milwaukee 8668 Fred Haney
Los Angeles 8668 Walter Alston
Playoff: (Best-of-3) Los Angeles, 2-0
NL WLManager
1962 Los Angeles 10161 Walter Alston
San Francisco 10161 Alvin Dark
Playoff: (Best-of-3) San Francisco, 2-1 (WLW)
YearNL West WL Manager
1980 Houston 9270 Bill Virdon
Los Angeles 9270 Tommy Lasorda
Playoff: (1 game) Houston, 7-1 (at LA)
NL East WL Manager
1981 (1st Half) Philadelphia3421 Dallas Green
(2nd Half) Montreal 3023 Jim Fanning
Playoff: (Best-of-5) Montreal, 3-2 (WWLLW)
NL West WL Manager
1981 (1st Half) Los Angeles3621 Tommy Lasorda
(2nd Half) Houston 3320 Bill Virdon
Playoff: (Best-of-5) Los Angeles, 3-2 (LLWWW)
YearNL Wild CardWL Manager
1998Chicago8973Jim Riggleman
San Francisco8973Dusty Baker
Playoff: (1 game) Chicago, 5-3 (at Chicago)
NL Wild CardWL Manager
1999Cincinnati9666Jack McKeon
New York9666Bobby Valentine
Playoff: (1 game) New York, 5-0 (at Cincinnati)

American League

Year AL WL Manager
1948 Boston 9658 Joe McCarthy
Cleveland 9658 Lou Boudreau
Playoff: (1 game) Cleveland, 8-3 (at Boston)
AL East WL Manager
1978 Boston 9963 Don Zimmer
New York 9963 Bob Lemon
Playoff: (1 game) New York, 5-4 (at Boston)
AL East WL Manager
1981 (1st Half) N.Y. 3422 Bob Lemon
(2nd Half) Milw. 3122 Buck Rodgers
Playoff: (Best-of-5) New York, 3-2 (WWLLW)
Year AL West WL Manager
1981(1st Half) Oakland 3723 Billy Martin
(2nd Half) Kan. City 3023 Jim Frey
Playoff: (Best-of-5), Oakland, 3-0
AL West WL Manager
1995 Seattle 7866 Lou Piniella
California 7866 M. Lachemann
Playoff: (1 game) Seattle, 9-1 (at Seattle)

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