Retired Hurricane Names

Updated August 31, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

When hurricanes are particularly destructive, their names are retired from the list of usable names. Any country affected by a particularly terrible storm can request that the name be retired by petitioning the World Meteorological Organization. A retired name cannot be reused for at least ten years, to facilitate historic references, legal actions, insurance claim activities, and to avoid public confusion with another storm of the same name. Below is a list of infamous hurricanes that have settled into retirement.

Name Year Location(s) affected
Agnes 1972 Florida, Northeast U.S.
Alicia 1983 North Texas
Allen 1980 Antilles, Mexico, South Texas
Allison 2001 Texas
Alma 2008 Nicaragua
Andrew 1992 Bahamas, South Florida, and Louisiana
Anita 1977 Mexico
Audrey 1957 Louisiana, North Texas
Betsy 1965 Bahamas, Southeast Florida, Southeast Louisiana
Beulah 1967 Antilles, Mexico, South Texas
Bob 1991 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Camille 1969 Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama
Carla 1961 Texas
Carmen 1974 Mexico
Carol 1954 Northeast U.S.
Celia 1970 South Texas
Charley 2004 Florida, Cuba, Jamaica, South Carolina
Cleo 1964 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Cuba, Southeast Florida
Connie 1955 North Carolina
David 1979 Lesser Antilles, Hispanola, Florida, and Eastern U.S.
Dennis 2005 Cuba, Florida
Diana 1990 Mexico
Diane 1955 Mid-Atlantic U.S. and Northeast U.S.
Donna 1960 Bahamas, Florida, and Eastern U.S.
Dora 1964 Northeast Florida
Edna 1954 North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine
Elena 1985 Mississippi, Alabama, Western Florida
Eloise 1975 Antilles, Northwest Florida, Alabama
Fabian 2003 Bermuda
Fifi 1974 Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico
Flora 1963 Haiti, Cuba
Florence 2018 Eastern United States
Floyd 1999 North Carolina, eastern seaboard
Fran 1996 North Carolina, eastern seaboard
Frances 2004 Caribbean, Florida, eastern United States
Frederic 1979 Alabama and Mississippi
Georges 1998 Antilles, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi
Gilbert 1988 Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Gloria 1985 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Gustav 2008 Haiti, Cuba, Louisiana
Harvey 2017 Texas, Louisiana
Hattie 1961 Belize, Guatemala
Hazel 1954 Antilles, North and South Carolina
Hilda 1964 Louisiana
Hortense 1996 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Hugo 1989 Antilles, South Carolina
Erika 2015 Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola
Igor 2010 Newfoundland
Ike 2008 Haiti, Cuba, Texas
Inez 1966 Lesser Antilles, Hispanola, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mexico
Ingrid 2013 Mexico
Ione 1955 North Carolina
Irene 2011 Hispaniola, Bahamas, U.S. East Coast
Iris 2001 Belize
Irma 2017 Caribbean, Southeastern United States
Isabel 2003 North Carolina, Northeast U.S.
Isidore 2002 Western Cuba, Yucatan, Louisiana
Ivan 2004 Windward Islands, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama
Janet 1955 Lesser Antilles, Belize, Mexico
Jeanne 2004 Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida
Joan 1988 Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua (crossed into Pacific and became Miriam)
Joaquin 2015 Bahamas, Bermuda
Juan 2003 Nova Scotia
Katrina 2005 Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana
Keith 2000 Belize, Nicaragua, Mexico
Klaus 1990 Martinique
Lenny 1999 Antilles
Lili 2002 Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Louisiana
Luis 1995 Lesser Antilles
Maria 2017 Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico
Marilyn 1995 Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico
Matthew 2016 Caribbean, Southeastern United States
Michael 2018 Central America, United States Gulf Coast
Michelle 2001 Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cuba
Mitch 1998 Central America, Nicaragua, Honduras
Nate 2017 Central America, United States Gulf Coast
Opal 1995 Central America, Mexico, Florida
Otto 2016 Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Paloma 2008 Cuba
Rita 2005 Louisiana, Texas
Roxanne 1995 Mexico
Sandy 2012 Caribbean, Bahamas, United States East Coast, Eastern Canada
Stan 2005 Mexico, Central America
Tomas 2010 Winward Islands, Haiti
Wilma 2005 Yucatan, Florida
Source: National Hurricane Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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