College Crunch Time

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Pain relief for college admissions stress.

by Borgna Brunner

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April is the cruelest month, especially if you're a high school senior. What can compare to the agony of waiting to find out if you were accepted to the college of your choice?

But now is not the time to beat yourself up about your slacker ways and lousy attention span for academic pursuits. There's really no point in wallowing in guilt about your failure to join even a few clubs or pick at least one interesting hobby that might have made you look more like college material.

Face it. The die is cast. What you need now more than anything is a little distraction and a whole lot of luck. We're here to help you with the distraction part.

Here is an assortment of lists—and there's nothing like a barrage of incidental information to divert you from an unhealthy state of mind. In short, we offer you some academic trivia to soothe the soul. (We'd also like to wish you the best and urge you to think positively, but in your present state we realize such niceties are meaningless.)

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