Ancient History

The World of Antiquity

The Great Fire of Rome
The Great Fire of Rome was one of ancient history's most famous disasters

Beginning with the Earth's formation, through to the beginning of the modern day, fan favorites like ancient Egypt, Babylon, Harappa, Rome, and Aksum make their debuts. Though they have a less direct impact on the world today, these historic cultures held major influence over the course of history. The inventions of agriculture, fire, megalithic construction, and speech are the foundations of human life, as well as the development of the arts and sciences. Check out our timelines to discover more about these remote (and often unrecognizable) times. 

Ancient History

1–999 (A.D.) World History

1000–1099 (A.D.) World History

1100–1199 (A.D.) World History

1200–1299 (A.D.) World History

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