Gore, Bush, and Oprah

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To woo voters, the candidates hit the talk show circuit

by Ricco Villanueva Siasoco

This article was posted in September, 2000.

Lieberman, Bush, and Gore

It's not only CNN and Sunday morning political shows for presidential candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush. The candidates (and their running mates) have been making the rounds on Oprah, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and even MTV's Choose or Lose.

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has also joined the fray. Earlier this year she chatted with David Letterman in her bid for the New York Senate race.

Letterman has suggested an on-air debate between Gore and Bush on his show—based on a jai alai scoring system. "If you turn it down, see, it makes you look like you're scared," he's prodded Bush on-air, "like you're a little girl. Nobody wants a little girl in the White House."

Missed the fun? Here's a few highlights.

Gore on MTV's Choose or Lose
Sept. 26, 2000

Dressed in casual attire, Gore spoke to a town hall meeting of some 150 young people for MTV. Much of the conversation centered around Gore's platform, but he also spoke candidly about racial profiling and negative perceptions of hip hop music.

On the Napster controversy, Gore commented: "it's a great technology, but it can only be used over the long term if they find a way to protect the rights of the artist."

Gore's choice for actor to play him (former Harvard roomie Tommy Lee Jones), current CD in his player (Sister Hazel), and musician to play at his inaugural (Lenny Kravitz).

George Bush on Oprah
Sept. 19, 2000

Oprah: "Tell us about a time when you needed forgiveness."
Bush: "Right now."
Oprah: "I'm looking for specifics."
Bush: "I know you are but I'm running for President."

Bush also gave Oprah a peck on the cheek, and shared some of his favorites: sandwich (peanut butter and jelly on white bread), fast food item (taco), and childhood memory (Little League baseball in Midland, Texas)

Al Gore on Oprah
Sept. 11, 2000

Al Gore walks onto the set and gives Oprah a hug.
Oprah: "No kiss? I was hoping for something!"

Oprah: "What did you feel when you gave Tipper that kiss?"
Gore: "When I got to the stage, it was just the most natural thing in the world to me to express my feelings. One of the reporters asked me afterwards, 'Were you trying to send a message?' and I said 'I was trying to send a message... to Tipper!'"

Lieberman on Conan O'Brien
Sept. 21, 2000

Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman takes the mike and sings his version of the Frank Sinatra classic, "My Way."

Al Gore on Letterman
Sept. 14, 2000

Gore announces the Top 10 List, including No. 9: "Remember, America—I gave you the Internet, and I can take it away. Think about it." The Number 1 Rejected Gore-Lieberman Campaign Slogan: "I'll Be Twice As Cool As That President Guy On The West Wing."

George Bush on Letterman
March 2000

Letterman: "You often say, 'I'm a uniter, not a divider.' What does that mean?"

Bush (referring to Letterman's recent heart surgery): "It means when it comes time to sew up your chest cavity, we use stitches as opposed to opening it up!"

Lieberman on Don Imus
Sept. 18, 2000

Don Imus lifts his "lifetime ban" on Senator Lieberman from appearing on his show.

Imus: "This just makes me look like a complete, total fool."

George Bush on Live with Regis
Sept. 21, 2000

Bush wore a dark shirt and matching tie, á la Regis, and schmoozed it up with Regis and co-host Susan Hawk of Survivor fame.

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