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Pronunciation: (ring), [key]
— v., n. wrung, wring•ing,
  1. to twist forcibly: He wrung the chicken's neck.
  2. to twist and compress, or compress without twisting, in order to force out water or other liquid (often fol. by out): to wring clothes.
  3. to extract or expel by twisting or compression (usually fol. by out or from).
  4. to affect painfully by or as if by some contorting or compressing action.
  5. to clasp tightly with or without twisting: to wring one's hands in pain.
  6. to force (usually fol. by off) by twisting.
  7. to extract or get by forceful effort or means (often fol. by out).
  1. to perform the action of wringing something.
  2. to writhe, as in anguish.
  1. a wringing; forcible twist or squeeze.
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