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Pronunciation: (wol'up), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to beat soundly; thrash.
  2. to strike with a vigorous blow; belt; sock: After two strikes, he walloped the ball out of the park.
  3. to defeat thoroughly, as in a game.
  4. to flutter, wobble, or flop about.
  1. to move violently and clumsily: The puppy walloped down the walk.
  2. (of a liquid) to boil violently.
  3. to gallop.
  1. a vigorous blow.
  2. the ability to deliver vigorous blows, as in boxing: That fist of his packs a wallop.
  3. That ad packs a wallop.
    1. the ability to effect a forceful impression; punch:That ad packs a wallop.
    2. a pleasurable thrill; kick:The joke gave them all a wallop.
  4. a violent, clumsy movement; lurch.
  5. a gallop.
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