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Pronunciation: (pri-mēr', -myâr'), [key]
— n., v., adj. -miered, -mier•ing,
  1. a first public performance or showing of a play, opera, film, etc.
  2. the leading woman, as in a drama.
  1. to present publicly for the first time: to premiere a new foreign film.
  1. to have the first public showing: It will premiere at the Arcadia Theater.
  2. to perform publicly for the first time, as in a particular role, entertainment medium, etc.: When does he premiere as Hamlet?
  1. first; initial; principal: a premiere showing; the premiere attraction of the evening.


Pronunciation: (pri-mēr', -myâr' Fr. pr&schwa-myer'), [key]
— pl. v.t., v.i., adj. -mières -miered, -mier•ing,
  1. premiere.
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