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Pronunciation: (pol'ish), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to make smooth and glossy, esp. by rubbing or friction: to polish a brass doorknob.
  2. to render finished, refined, or elegant: His speech needs polishing.
  1. to become smooth and glossy through polishing: a flooring that polishes easily.
  2. to become refined or elegant.
  3. They polished off a gallon of ice cream between them.
    1. to finish or dispose of quickly:They polished off a gallon of ice cream between them.
    2. to subdue or get rid of someone:The fighter polished off his opponent in the first round.
  4. to improve; refine: She took lessons to polish up her speech.
  1. a substance used to give smoothness or gloss: shoe polish.
  2. the act of polishing.
  3. state of being polished.
  4. smoothness and gloss of surface.
  5. superiority of manner or execution; refinement; elegance: the polish of a professional singer.


Pronunciation: (pō'lish), [key]
— adj.
  1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Poland, its inhabitants, or their language.
  1. a Slavic language, the principal language of Poland. Abbr.: Pol
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