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Pronunciation: (pan'l), [key]
— n., v., -eled, -el•ing -elled, -el•ling.
  1. a distinct portion, section, or division of a wall, wainscot, ceiling, door, shutter, fence, etc., esp. of any surface sunk below or raised above the general level or enclosed by a frame or border.
  2. a comparatively thin, flat piece of wood or the like, as a large piece of plywood.
  3. a group of persons gathered to conduct a public discussion, judge a contest, serve as advisers, be players on a radio or television game, or the like: a panel of political scientists meeting to discuss foreign policy.
  4. a public discussion by such a group.
    1. a list of persons summoned for service as jurors.
    2. the body of persons composing a jury.
    3. (in Scotland) the person or persons arraigned for trial.
  5. a mount for or a surface or section of a machine containing the controls and dials.
  6. a switchboard or control board, or a division of a switchboard or control board containing a set of related cords, jacks, relays, etc.
  7. a broad strip of material set vertically in or on a dress, skirt, etc.
    1. a flat piece of wood of varying kinds on which a picture is painted.
    2. a picture painted on such a piece of wood.
  8. (in Britain) a list of approved or cooperating doctors available to patients under a health insurance program.
  9. a lateral subdivision of an airfoil with internal girder construction.
    1. the space on the chord of a truss between any two adjacent joints made by principal web members with the chord.
    2. the space within the web of a truss between any two such joints and a corresponding pair of joints or a single joint on an opposite chord.
  10. the section between the two bands on the spine of a bound book.
  11. an area of a coal seam separated for mining purposes from adjacent areas by extra thick masses or ribs of coal.
  12. a pad placed under a saddle.
  13. a pad, cloth, or the like, serving as a saddle.
  14. a pane, as in a window.
  15. a slip of parchment.
  16. a photograph much longer in one dimension than the other.
  1. to arrange in or furnish with a panel or panels.
  2. to ornament with a panel or panels.
  3. to set in a frame as a panel.
  4. to select (a jury).
  5. to bring to trial.
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