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Pronunciation: (noch), [key]
— n.
  1. an angular or-shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge.
  2. a cut or nick made in a stick or other object for record, as in keeping a tally.
  3. a deep, narrow opening or pass between mountains; gap; defile.
  4. a step, degree, or grade: This camera is a notch better than the other.
  5. a taphole in a blast furnace: iron notch; cinder notch.
  1. to cut or make a notch in.
  2. to record by notches: He notched each kill on the stick.
  3. to score, as in a game: He notched another win.
  4. to move up or down or increase or decrease by notches or degrees: The temperature has notched up another degree.
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