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Pronunciation: (flou'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. the blossom of a plant.
    1. the part of a seed plant comprising the reproductive organs and their envelopes if any, esp. when such envelopes are more or less conspicuous in form and color.
    2. an analogous reproductive structure in other plants, as the mosses.
  2. a plant, considered with reference to its blossom or cultivated for its floral beauty.
  3. state of efflorescence or bloom: Peonies were in flower.
  4. an ornament representing a flower.
  5. Also calledan ornamental piece of type, esp. a stylized floral design, often used in a line to decorate chapter headings, page borders, or bindings.
  6. an ornament or adornment.
  7. the finest or most flourishing period: Poetic drama was in flower in Elizabethan England.
  8. the best or finest member or part of a number, body, or whole: the flower of American youth.
  9. the finest or choicest product or example.
  10. a substance in the form of a fine powder, esp. as obtained by sublimation: flowers of sulfur.
  1. to produce flowers; blossom; come to full bloom.
  2. to come out into full development; mature.
  1. to cover or deck with flowers.
  2. to decorate with a floral design.
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