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Pronunciation: (fil'it usually fi&sylplā' for 1, 10), [key]
— n.
    1. a boneless cut or slice of meat or fish, esp. the beef tenderloin.
    2. a piece of veal or other meat boned, rolled, and tied for roasting.
  1. a narrow band of ribbon or the like worn around the head, usually as an ornament; headband.
  2. any narrow strip, as wood or metal.
  3. a strip of any material used for binding.
    1. a decorative line impressed on a book cover, usually at the top and bottom of the back.
    2. a rolling tool for impressing such lines.
    1. Also calledlist.a narrow flat molding or area, raised or sunk between larger moldings or areas. See diag. undermolding.
    2. a narrow portion of the surface of a column left between adjoining flutes.
  4. lemniscus.
  5. a raised rim or ridge, as a ring on the muzzle of a gun.
  6. a concave strip forming a rounded interior angle in a foundry pattern.
    1. to cut or prepare (meat or fish) as a fillet.
    2. to cut fillets from.
  1. to bind or adorn with or as if with a fillet.
  2. to round off (an interior angle) with a fillet.
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