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Pronunciation: (di-spōz'), [key]
— v., n. -posed, -pos•ing,
  1. to give a tendency or inclination to; incline: His temperament disposed him to argue readily with people.
  2. to put in a particular or the proper order or arrangement; adjust by arranging the parts.
  3. to put in a particular or suitable place: The lamp was disposed on a table nearby.
  4. to make fit or ready; prepare: Your words of cheer dispose me for the task.
  1. to arrange or decide matters: to do as God disposes.
  2. to make terms.
    1. to deal with conclusively; settle.
    2. to get rid of; discard.
    3. to transfer or give away, as by gift or sale.
    4. to do away with; destroy.
  1. disposition; habit.
  2. arrangement; regulation; disposal.
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