August 2021 Current Events: Science and Technology News

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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the science and technology news events you need to know so far for August 2021:

  1. Japan Crypto Heist
  2. Major Changed for OnlyFans
  3. Jeff Bezos Sues Nasa
  4. Climate Change Reports Look Grim
  5. UK Military Opens Space Center

Japan Crypto Heist

Cryptocurrency Heist

Photo Source: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 8/12/11

On Thursday, August 20, Liquid, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform, was hit by some serious hackers. At least $100 million is suspected to have been stolen during the heist. Just one week prior, Poly Network had lost $600 million in a heist. Liquid is working to track the stolen currency, and has frozen wallets in a move of protection. Liquid services nearly 100 countries and has millions of customers around the world who have potentially been impacted by this heist.
Source: BBC

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Major Changed for OnlyFans


Photo Source: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 7/2/21

On Thursday, August 19, OnlyFans sent shockwaves across the internet after it announced that it will no longer allow sexually explicit content on the site beginning in October. With more than 130 million users and 2 million content creators, OnlyFans has become a safe haven for sex workers, many of whom turned to the platform after becoming unemployed due to the pandemic. The company has stated, however, that simple nudity will be allowed if it abides by all other site policies. Despite its popularity, especially during the pandemic, OnlyFans has had difficulty securing outside investors. Most companies are hesitant about investing in companies that host adult content. The company has stated that in order to be sustainable in the long run, investors are needed and changes must be made in order to secure the future.[1] On Wednesday, August 25, OnlyFans announced that they were suspending their content ban amidst a serious amount of backlash. While it is unclear whether this delay will be permanent, OnlyFans tweeted that it seeks to be “a home for all creators.” However, many explicit content creators have already found new homes from their content, and aren’t necessarily looking at returning to the platform.[2]
Source: [1]CNN [2]BBC

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Jeff Bezos Sues Nasa

Jeff Bezos

Photo Source: Dennis Van TIne/STAR MAX/IPx

On Monday, August 16, Jeff Bezos’ space firm, Blue Origin, announced it is suing Nasa for awarding a contract to Elon Musk. The firm has called the deal unfair and claimed there are “fundamental issues” with the deal. Originally, Nasa had expected to be able to fund two companies back in April, but funding shortfalls led to a backtrack. Blue Origin has accused Nasa of an improper evaluation of proposals. Bezos’ firm continues to ascertain that two companies will be needed for a successful mission to bring people to the moon’s surface. Back in July, Bezos offered to provide $2 billion to Nasa to cover the contract, but Nasa declined the offer. Nasa has until October 12 to file a legal response.
Source: BBC

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Climate Change Reports Look Grim

Climate Change

Photo Source: Cecilia Fabiano/LaPresse via AP

On Monday, August 9, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report regarding the climate crisis. The report has been called “a code red for humanity” as many of the findings show that the climate crisis is affecting every part of the world and some components seem to be irreversible. The report has also answered many age-old questions, concluding that human reliance on fossil fuels is to blame for the increase in temperature. The report also stated that the Earth is heating faster than scientists previously thought it would. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the only way to stop the steady increase in temperature. Not only will a hotter climate cause more heatwaves and droughts, but it is also thought to lead to more floods, hurricanes, and weather whiplash. The report also highlighted the irreversible damage to melting ice caps.[1] On Monday, August 9, many vulnerable nations reported that they fear extinction after reading the new IPCC report. The rising sea levels may put lower-laying countries in danger. Scientists have stated that we must come together all around the world before it’s too late.[2]
Source: [1] CNN [2]BBC

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UK Military Opens Space Center

UK Space Force

Photo Source: AP Photo/Alastair Grant, Pool

On Sunday, August 1, the UK military launched its first command center with the intention of protecting the country’s interests in space. The UK has pledged to spend about $1.4 billion more on space ventures in the next 10 years. The UK military commander has criticized Russia and China for being reckless in space before this center was manifested. The military has, however, stated that it has no intention of launching its own space weapons.
Source: BBC

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