Year in Review, 2010

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2010 Year in Review

Top events for the nation and the world

News and Analysis

  • News of the Nation
    Arizona Immigration Law Pushes the Limit • Health Care Reform: Years in the Making, Still Doesn't Satisfy • Landmark Financial Regulation Bill • Midterm Elections • A New Era for U.S., Russia, and Nuclear Arms • The Official End to the War in Iraq • Passing the Buck on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" • Same-Sex Marriage Ban Temporarily Overturned in California • The Supreme Court: Personnel Changes & Major Decisions • Tea Party Victories
  • News of the World
    Few Signs of Progress Lead to Protracted U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan • Greece and Ireland Battered by Financial Crisis • The Ground Shakes in Haiti • Undaunted by Sanctions, Iran Continues to Pursue Nuclear Program • Iraq Struggles to Form a Government After Elections • Peace Remains Elusive for Israelis and Palestinians • North Korea provokes South with brinkmanship • Anti-Government Protests Continue and Turn Deadly in Thailand • Release of Secret Military, Government, and Diplomatic Documents Sparks Outrage and Controversy
  • Science News 2010
    A Deadly Spill in the Gulf of Mexico • A Life Underground in Chile • Why Is the Universe Composed of Matter? • Comets Might Explain How Planets Are Made
  • News: Month by Month
    Detailed chronology of the news each month, covering national and international events
  • Iraq Conflict Timeline 2010
    Iraq Struggles to Form a Government After Parliamentary Elections • President Obama announces the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom with a withdrawal of combat troops
  • 2010 Winter Olympics
    Find facts about the events, biographies of famous athletes, Olympic trivia, and more


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