Trends in Reading and Publishing

Trends in Book and Literary Reading

Family Reading, 1993–2001

Demographic Characteristics of U.S. Adults Reading Literature

U.S. Adult Participation in Literary Activities

Use of Individual Media By All 8 to 18 Year Olds

Fantasy Books for Harry Potter Fans

Book and Magazine Publications

Publishing Timeline

Percentage Who Read Almost Every Day for Fun

Average Time Spent Reading in 2006

Percentage of Time Spent Reading While Using Other Media

Average Test Scores by Number of Household Books, Grade 12 (2005–2006)

Average Reading and Writing Scores by Frequency of Reading for Fun

Participation Rates for Literary Readers in 2002

Percentage of Students Age 9, 13, and 17, by Frequency of Reading for Fun

Hours and/or Minutes Per Day Spent Watching TV or Reading

Weekly Average Hours and/or Minutes Spent on Various Activities by American Children

Average Reading Scores of 15-Year-Olds in Selected Countries, 2003

Newspapers and Magazines Books, Magazines, and Newspapers
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