Daily Entertainment and Cultural Activities

Did yesterdayJan. 1994
April 1998
April 2000
April 2002
April 2004
Watched TV news72%59%56%55%60%
Read newspaper4948474142
Listened to radio news4749434140
Any news19085838082
Went online from home?172353438
Went online from work2?121352020
Total online2432530 54347
Online news ????24
Watched non-news TV69644575963
Read a magazine3329262325
Read a book313543563435
Watched movie at home???2324
Made personal phone call6367?6366
Emailed friend/relative???2728
Ate family meal together6467?6365
1. For trending purposes, this measure includes only TV, newspaper, and radio news.
2. Based on weekdays.
3. From June 1995.
4. From November 1997.
5. From Pew Internet & American Life Project, April 2000.
6. From September 1999.
Source: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

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