35 Silliest "American Dad" Quotes

Updated November 7, 2023 | Infoplease Staff
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Are you ready to laugh until you cry? Look no further than “American Dad”, the animated sitcom that's like a fever dream on steroids. The show follows the Smith family, headed by the ultra-patriotic CIA agent, Stan, and their extraterrestrial houseguest, Roger. With its off-the-wall humor and bizarre storylines, “American Dad” has become a cult classic and a favorite among fans of adult animation. But let's be honest, the best part of the show is the dialogue — as you'll see with our specially curated list of the most memorable lines below.

35 Best "American Dad" Quotes

From Stan's dry wit to Roger's outrageous one-liners, there's a quote for every occasion. So sit back, relax, and get ready to delve into the 35 best “American Dad” quotes that will have you talking about the show for days to come!

  1. “I’ll have a mango tea. Shaken not Shtirred. Shtirred. Is that how I say it?” — Roger.

  2. “Boil water. What, am I a chemist?” — Stan Smith.

  3. “Nooooo.” — Roger.

  4. "Something I've noticed is that real life often sucks." — Steve Smith.

  5. “It was the best day of my life. Until it was not that...at all.” — Stan Smith.

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  6. "Floor Spaghetti?" — Francine Smith.

  7. "You don't know the Story of the Hawk and the Schnauser?" — Roger.

  8. “We’re at terror alert orange! ...Which means something could go down somewhere in some way at some point in time, so look sharp!” — Stan Smith.

  9. "Oh, Staniel!" — Roger.

  10. “Ah, Saturday afternoon TV. Where the sneaky networks hide all the good shows.” — Stan Smith.

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  11. "I did it again. I said something helpful and went past it." — Francine Smith.

  12. "I have to get my own breakfast juice? Some Christmas.” — Stan Smith.

  13. "Don't cry... in front of the fish." — Roger.

  14. "OOH!" — Stan Smith.

  15. "What is this and how can I replace my blood with it?" — Roger.

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  16. “Hello, Bill Gates? Turns out I’m the richest guy in the world, because I have an adoring wife and a loving family.” — Steve Smith.

  17. "Flap flap a-zap-zap!" — Steve Smith.

  18. "Schmooblydong. Is that a word?" — Roger.

  19. "Welcome to the water jungle baby!" — Klaus.

  20. “What am I gonna wear? Maybe this blue suit with a white shirt and a black tie.” — Stan Smith.

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  21. "You know what they say: ‘The early bird catches the worm, but the late bird gets the leftovers.’" — Roger.

  22. "These rocks will make a fine raft!" — Stan Smith.

  23. “It’s 67 degrees outside, and I hate you.” — Roger.

  24. “When I turned 14, I took fiduciary responsibility for my mother’s 401K ...Pretty good birthday.” — Stan Smith.

  25. "I think we all knew it would end this way." — Hayley Smith.

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  26. "Long Island iced teas, right?" — Roger.

  27. "Oh, Franiel!" — Roger.

  28. “I think I'll hit the sack. And then I'll go to bed.” — Steve Smith.

  29. “I guess I just picked a bouquet of oopsie-daisies.” — Stan Smith.

  30. "Say that in mein bowl!" — Klaus.

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  31. “You hustlin’ me, boy?” — Roger.

  32. “I'm a water man!” — Stan Smith.

  33. “Stop it! Nathan, this is why you keep getting molested!” — Nathan’s Father.

  34. "Francine, my mother is not manipulating me. Our relationship is completely normal." — Stan Smith.

  35. “Zip it, lock it, and put it in your pocket.” — Francine Smith.

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I’ve Got a Feeling That It’s Gonna Be a Wonderful Day!

“American Dad” is a show that never fails to make us laugh with its bizarre storylines and off-the-wall humor. But what really sets it apart is the unforgettable dialogue. From sarcasm to wisecracks, the show has given us some of the most memorable quotes in television history. We hope you've enjoyed this list of the best “American Dad” quotes, and that it's inspired you to re-watch the show and discover even more gems.

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