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Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Classic movies on a variety of subjects and genres


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Movies by Theme

The Top 10 All-Time Scariest Movies Slideshow
Editors' picks for the most frightening flicks ever

Irish Movies Slideshow
Angela's Ashes, Barry Lyndon, The Dead, The Commitments, My Left Foot

Space Movies
Some of the galaxy's best space-related movies

The Presidency on Film
Young Mr. Lincoln to All the President's Men

Dinosaur Movies
A history of T. rex on the Silver Screen

Disney Movies Slideshow
A guide to Mouse House favorites

Disaster Movies
The greatest disaster films of all time

World War II Movies
From Schindler's List to the summer blockbuster Pearl Harbor

Star Wars
Quizzes, movie reviews, and actors


Love Story

Picks for the best celluloid romances

From Reel Love to Real Love
Movies that inspired off-screen romances

Nuptials on the Big Screen
Something old, something new, something celluloid

AFI's One Hundred Greatest Love Stories
"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."


Edifying Cinema

Back to School Movies
Educational movies, from history to literary classics

Shakespeare on Film
The bard on film


Holiday Movies

In a festive mood? Check out these classic-or soon to be-holiday films

Halloween Films
From Rosemary's Baby to the Witches of Eastwick

Santa Claus on Film
Celluloid Santas

Thanksgiving Movies
Our picks for the best holiday fare

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