NCAA Football Bowl Championship 1998: Final Week

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Final Week: December 7, 1998

Florida St.22222.25 (3)11.7540.1614.91
Kansas St.444414 (5)3.00491.9619.96
Ohio St.3336.75 (7)635.25281.12110.37
UCLA655.5345.25 (6)4.0880.32110.90
Texas A&M898.56545.0050.20215.70
Tulane10101081416.5 (23)12.83963.84026.67
Nebraska14161511713.5 (15)10.50140.56329.06
Arkansas111111.0171221.75 (22)16.92592.36232.28
Georgia Tech121413.016201216.00441.76232.76
Syracuse181717.517.25 (24)16713.42220.88334.80


PAvg.— The average of the Associated Press media poll and ESPN-USA Today coaches poll. Others receiving votes are calculated in order received.

CAvg.— The average of The Hester & Anderson/Seattle Times, Jeff Sagarin's rankings and New York Times rankings. In order to prevent differences in individual formulas, a maximum adjusted deviation of no greater than 50 percent of the average of the two lowest computer rankings is utilized.

Quartile Rank— Rank of schedule strength compared to other Division I-A teams divided by 25. The component is calculated by determining the cumulative won/loss records of the team's opponent (66.6 percent) and the cumulative won/loss record of the team's opponent's opponents (33.3 percent).

Losses— One point for each loss during the season.

Notes: BCS rankings each week will list the top 15 or down to the lowest-ranked BCS-affiliated conference leader.

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