Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Biography

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

twin child stars
Born: 6/13/1986
Birthplace: Sherman Oaks, California

Ashley and Mary-Kate became wildly popular in the TV series Full House (1987–95), in which they alternated playing the role of Michelle. Since then they have starred in feature films It Takes Two (1995), Our Lips Are Sealed (2000), and New York Minute (2004). TV movies includeTo Grandmother's House We Go (1992), Double Double, Toil and Trouble (1993) and How the West Was Fun (1994). A second TV series, Two of a Kind, ran from 1998–1999. Under astute management, the twins are at the heart of an entertainment and merchandise empire that is expected to rake in more than a billion dollars before they turn 21 years old. Mary-Kate reportedly suffered from an eating disorder.

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