2001-02 Basketball All-Defensive Teams Winners

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Voting by NBA head coaches. Each ballot has entries for two teams; two points given for 1st team, one for 2nd. Coaches cannot vote for own players. First Team repeaters from 2000-01 are in bold type.

Pos First Team 1st Pts
F Tim Duncan, San Antonio 17 40
F Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 10 27
C Ben Wallace, Detroit 24 51
G Gary Payton, Seattle 20 47
G Jason Kidd, New Jersey 15 37
Pos Second Team 1st Pts
F Bruce Bowen, San Antonio 6 21
F Clifford Robinson, Detroit 5 14
C Dikembe Mutombo, Philadelphia 9 27
G Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers 12 32
G Doug Christie, Sacramento 7 25


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Annual Awards: 2001-2002 NBA Season, Pro Basketball
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