TIME Persons of the Year

The Question:

How many times has the Time Magazine Person of the Year been given to an abstract class of people or a non-human, rather than to individuals?

The Answer:

Since being established in 1927, and as of 2006, the TIME Person of the Year has been something other than an individual (or small group of individuals) eleven times out of a total of eighty. This is equivalent to about 14% of all years. They are as follows:

  • 1950: G.I. Joe
  • 1956: Hungarian Patriot
  • 1960: U.S. Scientists
  • 1966: Americans under 25
  • 1969: The Middle Americans
  • 1975: American Women
  • 1982: The Personal Computer
  • 1988: Endangered Earth
  • 2002: The Whistleblowers
  • 2003: The American Soldier
  • 2006: You

-The Editors