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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the world news events you need to know so far for April 2019:

  1. Colorado Proposes “Red Flag” Bill
  2. American Kidnapped During Ugandan Safari
  3. New York Declares Health Emergency
  4. Fisher-Price Recalls Baby Sleeper
  5. Louisiana Arson Suspect Arrested
  6. Manhunt for Woman Obsessed with Columbine
  7. Redacted Mueller Report Released
  8. Measles Outbreak Spreads
  9. E. Coli in Ground Beef
  10. Shooting at California Synagogue
  11. Killings in Rural Tennessee

Colorado Proposes “Red Flag” Bill

Colorado Governor

On April 1, Colorado proposed a “red flag” bill, which allows guns to be confiscated from people who are deemed to be a threat to themselves. The bill faces some legal challenges, and many sheriffs have stated they will not support it if passed. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

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American Kidnapped During Ugandan Safari

Uganda Safari

On April 3, it was announced that an American tourist and her guide were kidnapped by gunmen during her Ugandan safari. The kidnappers are charging a $500,000 ransom. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

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New York Declares Health Emergency

NYC Measles

On April 9, New York City declared a public health emergency due to an outbreak of measles. The emergency requires unvaccinated people in certain areas to either be vaccinated or face fines. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

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Fisher-Price Recalls Baby Sleeper

Fisher Price CEO

On April 12, Fisher-Price recalled millions of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers after about thirty infant deaths since its release. The deaths were caused by infants rolling over the side. (BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Lennox McLendon

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Louisiana Arson Suspect Arrested

Church Fires

On April 13, Louisiana authorities announced that they had an arson suspect in custody. The suspect is accused of burning down three Baptist churches, which primarily served people of color. (CNN)

Photo Source: Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal via AP

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Manhunt for Woman Obsessed with Columbine

Columbine Closed

On April 17, an 18-year-old woman flew to Colorado from Florida and bought a shotgun. A manhunt ensued once it was revealed that she was obsessed with the Columbine massacre that was about to have its 20th anniversary. Hundreds of Colorado schools closed or went on lockdown/lockout as the manhunt continued, but later that night, the woman was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

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Redacted Mueller Report Released

Redacted Mueller Report

On April 18, the redacted Mueller report was released, and painted an unflattering picture of President Trump. The report stated the ways Trump attempted to impede the investigation, and Democrats claim it contains damaging evidence. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Jon Elswick

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Measles Outbreak Spreads

Measles Outbreak

On April 22, 71 new measles cases were reported in the United States. This is the second worst outbreak the country has faced in nearly 20 years. As of last week, 629 cases have been reported in 22 states by the CDC. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

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E. Coli in Ground Beef

Tainted Hamburger

On April 23, it was announced that 156 people across ten states were hospitalized for E. Coli following the ingestion of ground beef. The CDC stated that this ground beef has been in homes and restaurants since March. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

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Shooting at California Synagogue

California Shooting

On April 27, one person was killed and three more injured after a gunman attacked a synagogue in California. Police currently have a 19-year-old man in custody and the crime is being treated as a hate crime. (CNN)

Photo Source: Nelvin C. Cepeda/The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP, Pool

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Killings in Rural Tennessee

Tennessee Killings

On April 29, the seventh victim of the rural Tennessee slayings was identified. Three of the seven victims are believed to be related to the killer. The suspect is currently in custody, but police are still investigating. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

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