Top U.S. Cities Visited by Overseas Travelers

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

These are the most popular destination cities for the nearly 80 million international visitors to the United States as tracked by Euromonitor. These figures are for 2019, the most recent year on record. Additional figures are provided by Mastercard, for cities that did not rank in the top 100 global destinations.

 U.S. cityArrivals (in millions)
1.New York14.01
3.Los Angeles7.73
4.Las Vegas6.64
6.San Francisco2.99
8.Washington, D.C.2.18
NOTE: Includes travelers for business and pleasure, international travelers in transit through the United States, and students; excludes travel by international personnel and international businessmen employed in the United States.
Source: Euromonitor and Mastercard
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