Top AAA Cars, 2006

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AAA evaluates more than 200 vehicles each year and selects the top-rated vehicle in each category, based on cost and type. Cars are rated according to value, fuel economy, braking, ride, handling, passenger environment, cargo space, and other criteria.

$50,000 or moreJaguar XJ8L
$40,000–$50,000Infiniti M35/M45
$35,000–$40,000Volvo S80
$30,000–$35,000BMW 3 Series
$25,000–$30,000Toyota Avalon
$20,000–$25,000Dodge Charger
$15,000–$20,000Honda Accord Sedan
Under $15,000Mazda 3
SUV over $30,000Mercedes-Benz M-Class
SUV under $30,000Ford Escape Hybrid
MinivanHonda Odyssey
Pickup TruckHonda Ridgeline
Cool CarChevrolet Corvette Z06
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