International Destinations of American Tourists, 2013

RegionsTotal% ChangeMarket
 YTDYTD 1Share
South America1,735,1881.9%2.8%
Central America2,496,0614.2%4.1%
Middle East1,579,4825.3%2.6%
Total Overseas229,015,4631.8%47.1%
Mexico (Total)320,546,3611.2%33.4%
Mexico (Air)26,219,0437.7%5
Canada (Total)412,007,9761.0%19.5%
Canada (Air)43,770,3624.9%5
North America32,554,3371.1%52.9%
Grand Total61,569,8001.4%100.0%
1. Collection methodology DHS APIS (Overseas & Mexico air) comparable from 2011 through 2013.
2. Overseas and Mexico air traffic (non-stop from US port to foreign port) source: DHS APIS..
3. Mexico aggregate total (Including air, land and border 1+ nights) source: Banco de Mexico (P) Preliminary estimate.
4. Canadian aggregate total (including air, land and border 1+ nights) source: STATS Canada.
5. Market Share of 'Air' travel compared to all air travel: Mexico-air 15.9%; Canada-air 9.7% ytd..
Source:U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO).


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