World's Most Populous Urban Agglomerations,1 2012

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Rank Name Est.
1.Tokyo, Japan36,932,780
2.Delhi, India21,935,142
3.Mexico City, Mexico20,142,334
4.New York, United States of America20,104,369
5.Sao Paulo, Brazil19,649,366
6.Shanghai, China19,554,059
7.Bombay, India19,421,983
8.Beijing, China14,999,554
9.Dacca, Bangladesh14,929,647
10.Calcutta, India14,283,096
11.Karachi, Pakistan13,499,702
12.Buenos Aires, Argentina13,369,921
13.Los Angeles, United States of America13,223,023
14.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil11,867,236
15.Manila, Philippines11,653,810
16.Moscow, Russia11,471,637
17.Osaka, Japan11,429,912
18.Cairo, Egypt11,031,494
19.Istanbul, Turkey10,952,950
20.Lagos, Nigeria10,788,300
21.Paris, France10,516,374
22.Guangzhou, China10,485,570
23.Shenzhen, China10,222,493
24.Seoul, South Korea9,750,693
25.Chongqing, China9,732,286
26.Jakarta, Indonesia9,629,953
27.Chicago, United States of America9,544,691
28.Lima, Peru8,950,481
29.London, Great Britain8,923,000
30.Wuhan, China8,903,018
NOTES: The definition of agglomerations varies significantly from city to city, hence the difficulty of compiling an accurate, comparative list of the world's most populous urban areas. 1. Includes metropolitan areas and surrounding urban agglomerations. Agglomerations include a central city and bordering urban areas. Some agglomerations have more than one central city (e.g., Tokyo includes Yokohama and Kawasaki).

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