September 2006 Disasters

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
  • Sept. 13, Damascus, Syria: an attack by four gunman on the American embassy was foiled as three of the men were killed and one captured.
  • Sept. 22, Ky.: heavy rains triggered floods in fifteen counties, killing 10 people .
  • Sept. 29, Peixoto de Azevedo, Brazil: Gol Airlines Flight 1907, Boeing 737, crashed in the Amazon rainforest, after colliding with a corporate jet, Embraer Legacy 600. All 154 on board the 737 were killed while the corporate jet owned by ExcelAire Service Inc. of Ronkonkoma, New York. carrying 7 people landed safely. The cause is still under investigation.
  • Sept. 27–28, Luzon, Philippines: Typhoon Xangsane hit the island of Luzon causing flooding and killing 110. It was the worst to hit the city in over 35 years

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