Estimated Deaths from Earthquakes, 2001

Jan. 13El Salvador7.7852
Jan. 26Gujarat, India7.720,023
Feb. 13El Salvador6.6315
Feb. 17El Salvador4.11
Feb. 23Sichuan, China5.63
March 24W. Honshu, Japan6.82
April 19Yunnan, China5.62
May 8El Salvador5.41
May 23Sichuan, China5.32
June 1Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan5.04
June 21Germany4.21
June 23Near coast of Peru8.4139
July 7Near coast of Peru7.61
July 7Northern Italy4.74
July 24Northern Chile6.31
Aug. 9Central Peru5.54
Oct. 27Yunnan, China5.71
Dec. 4Southern Peru5.82
1. Includes ?missing and presumed dead.?
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey.

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