Winter Olympics Memorable Moments

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The legends and foibles of the Winter Olympics


Alpine and Nordic Skiing

An Avalanche Named Killy
A controversial sweep in alpine skiing

Franz Klammer
The man who gave himself "terrible frights"

Bjorn Daehlie
The winningest Winter Olympian

Alberto "La Bomba" Tomba
The big Italian with the even bigger hair

Hermann Maier
The Hermanator's horrific spill in 1998


Figure Skating

Sonja Henie
Ten world championships, four Olympic appearances, and three consecutive Olympic gold medals

Dorothy Hamill
The media darling of 1976

Tonya and Nancy
An ex-husband, a metal baton, and a U.S. title

Katarina Witt
Near-flawless technique and charismatic style

Speed Skating

Eric Heiden
Won the speed skating equivalent of a sprint, a marathon, and everything in between

Bonnie Blair
One of the most decorated Winter Olympians in U.S. history

Jansen Saves His Best for Last
A gold medal and a world record in 1994



The Jamaican Bobsled Team
The tropical island's first representative at the Winter Olympics


The Miracle of 1960
U.S. hockey's original golden boys

The Miracle of 1980
Cold war heroes


Ski Jumping

Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards
The comically inept British "ski jumper"

Happy Harada
Japanese ski-jumping legend


Did You Know?
Fun Olympic facts for trivia buffs and novices

Olympic Fun Facts
Poland's "Stella the Fella" and other amazing trivia



Olympic Symbols and Traditions
Flames, doves, oaths, and more

Olympic Traditions
The Olympics draws on traditions of war, religion, economy

Olympics Timeline
From ancient Greece to the present day


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