West Virginia: American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000

Preston County: 0.1Webster County: 0.1Grant County: 0.3Wetzel County: 0.1Putnam County: 0.2Barbour County: 0.7Tucker County: 0.2Clay County: 0.7Hardy County: 0.2Kanawha County: 0.2Wirt County: 0.2Cabell County: 0.2Nicholas County: 0.2Lewis County: 0.2Wayne County: 0.2Lincoln County: 0.2Fayette County: 0.3Greenbrier County: 0.3Monongalia County: 0.2Morgan County: 0.2Mineral County: 0.1Marion County: 0.2Berkeley County: 0.2Randolph County: 0.2Tyler County: 0.1Upshur County: 0.2Hampshire County: 0.2Gilmer County: 0.2Jefferson County: 0.3Jackson County: 0.2Boone County: 0.1Pleasants County: 0.5Calhoun County: 0.3Logan County: 0.1Harrison County: 0.1Mason County: 0.2Pendleton County: 0.3Raleigh County: 0.2Roane County: 0.2Mingo County: 0.2Braxton County: 0.3Summers County: 0.3Pocahontas County: 0.1Wyoming County: 0.1Monroe County: 0.2Mercer County: 0.2McDowell County: 0.2McDowell County: 0.2Hancock County: 0.1Taylor County: 0.2Brooke County: 0.1Doddridge County: 0.3Ohio County: 0.1Wood County: 0.2Marshall County: 0.1Ritchie County: 0.3 American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000legend

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