Tennessee: American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000

Shelby County: 0.2Overton County: 0.3Weakley County: 0.1Lawrence County: 0.3Henry County: 0.2Hamilton County: 0.3Giles County: 0.3Fayette County: 0.2Hardin County: 0.2Moore County: 0.2McNairy County: 0.2Cannon County: 0.3Loudon County: 0.3Blount County: 0.3Haywood County: 0.1Jackson County: 0.3Washington County: 0.2Decatur County: 0.2Trousdale County: 0.2Perry County: 0.3Greene County: 0.2Maury County: 0.3Henderson County: 0.1Cheatham County: 0.4Warren County: 0.2Lincoln County: 0.5Cheatham County: 0.4Madison County: 0.2Bradley County: 0.3Cheatham County: 0.4Union County: 0.2Franklin County: 0.2Grainger County: 0.2Marion County: 0.3Polk County: 0.3Smith County: 0.4Polk County: 0.3Davidson County: 0.3Morgan County: 0.2Houston County: 0.2Benton County: 0.3Hamblen County: 0.2Wilson County: 0.3Dickson County: 0.4Anderson County: 0.3Unicoi County: 0.2Rhea County: 0.4Putnam County: 0.2Van Buren County: 0.2White County: 0.2Bledsoe County: 0.4Meigs County: 0.2Stewart County: 0.6Marshall County: 0.2Tipton County: 0.4Coffee County: 0.3Bedford County: 0.3Loudon County: 0.3Dickson County: 0.4Dyer County: 0.2Gibson County: 0.2Johnson County: 0.3Humphreys County: 0.3Sullivan County: 0.2Jefferson County: 0.3Cocke County: 0.4Robertson County: 0.3Knox County: 0.3Sumner County: 0.3Carroll County: 0.2Montgomery County: 0.5Monroe County: 0.4Cumberland County: 0.3Hawkins County: 0.2Macon County: 0.4Monroe County: 0.4DeKalb County: 0.3Hancock County: 0.2Monroe County: 0.4Lewis County: 0.2Clay County: 0.3Pickett County: 0.2Loudon County: 0.3McMinn County: 0.3Loudon County: 0.3Chester County: 0.2Sequatchie County: 0.3Grundy County: 0.3Rutherford County: 0.3White County: 0.2Sevier County: 0.3Roane County: 0.2Claiborne County: 0.2Roane County: 0.2Scott County: 0.2Roane County: 0.2Campbell County: 0.3Williamson County: 0.2Fentress County: 0.2Carter County: 0.2Crockett County: 0.2Obion County: 0.1Wayne County: 0.2Hickman County: 0.5Hardeman County: 0.3Lauderdale County: 0.6Lake County: 0.4 American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000legend

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