Kentucky: American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000

Boyd County: 0.2Fleming County: 0.1Carter County: 0.2Oldham County: 0.2Scott County: 0.3Nicholas County: 0.2Rowan County: 0.2Bourbon County: 0.1Jefferson County: 0.2Estill County: 0.2Garrard County: 0.1Franklin County: 0.1Pike County: 0.1Floyd County: 0.1Ohio County: 0.2Lee County: 0.3Larue County: 0.2Marion County: 0.1Breathitt County: 0.1Boyle County: 0.2Russell County: 0.1Metcalfe County: 0.2Barren County: 0.1Christian County: 0.5Shelby County: 0.3Bath County: 0.2Marshall County: 0.2Lawrence County: 0.3Todd County: 0.2Elliott County: 0.1Logan County: 0.2Fayette County: 0.2Knox County: 0.3Montgomery County: 0.2Harlan County: 0.5Woodford County: 0.1Trigg County: 0.2Meade County: 0.6Spencer County: 0.2McLean County: 0.2Webster County: 0.1Morgan County: 0.2Lincoln County: 0.1Grayson County: 0.2Jackson County: 0.2Hopkins County: 0.2Crittenden County: 0.1Owsley County: 0.1Knott County: 0.1Casey County: 0.3Boone County: 0.2Campbell County: 0.2Wayne County: 0.2Kenton County: 0.1Carlisle County: 0.4Graves County: 0.2Pendleton County: 0.2Anderson County: 0.1Whitley County: 0.2Gallatin County: 0.2Clark County: 0.2Bracken County: 0.3Bell County: 0.2McCreary County: 0.4Bullitt County: 0.3Menifee County: 0.1Cumberland County: 0.1Allen County: 0.2Breckinridge County: 0.2Johnson County: 0.1Clinton County: 0.2Simpson County: 0.2Jessamine County: 0.2Hardin County: 0.4Martin County: 0.1Rockcastle County: 0.2Taylor County: 0.1Hancock County: 0.3Perry County: 0.1Green County: 0.1Livingston County: 0.4Hart County: 0.2Muhlenberg County: 0.1Butler County: 0.2Caldwell County: 0.1Clay County: 0.2Grant County: 0.2Greenup County: 0.2Mason County: 0.1Carroll County: 0.2Lewis County: 0.2Hickman County: 0.3Trimble County: 0.4Monroe County: 0.1Owen County: 0.3Robertson County: 0.0Calloway County: 0.2Fulton County: 0.1Nelson County: 0.1Henry County: 0.2Fulton County: 0.1Henderson County: 0.2Harrison County: 0.3Fulton County: 0.1Mercer County: 0.2Powell County: 0.1Daviess County: 0.1Madison County: 0.3Magoffin County: 0.2Union County: 0.2Washington County: 0.2Pulaski County: 0.2Wolfe County: 0.1Laurel County: 0.4Leslie County: 0.1Edmonson County: 0.4Adair County: 0.2Letcher County: 0.1Ballard County: 0.1McCracken County: 0.2Lyon County: 0.3Warren County: 0.2 American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000legend

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