American Indian Languages Spoken in U.S. Homes: 1990

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff

This table outlines the American Indian languages spoken in households across the United States. The population studied includes American Indians age 5 and over. This data is for the year 1990.

Number of
All American Indian languages 281,990
Algonquian languages 12,887
Athapascan Eyak languages 157,694
Caddoan languages 354
Central and South American
Indian languages
Haida 110
Hokan languages 2,430
Iroquoian languages 12,046
Keres 8,346
Muskogean languages 13,772
Penutian languages 8,190
Siouan languages 19,693
Tanoan languages 8,255
Tlingit 1,088
Tonkawa 3
Uto-Aztecan languages 23,493
Wakashan and Salish languages 1,105
Yuchi 65
Unspecified American Indian languages 12,038

Source: U.S. Census Bureau. The American Indian languages shown above are the major languages. NOTE: Data are estimates based on a sample.
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