Cabinet Members Under Tyler

Secretary of State Daniel Webster (Cont.)
Abel P. Upshur, 1843
John C. Calhoun, 1844
Secretary of the Treasury Thomas Ewing (Cont.)
Walter Forward, 1841
John C. Spencer1, 1843
George M. Bibb, 1844
Secretary of War John Bell (Cont.)
John C. Spencer, 1841
James M. Porter1, 1843
William Wilkins, 1844
Attorney General John J. Crittenden (Cont.)
Hugh S. Legaré, 1841
John Nelson, 1843
Postmaster General Francis Granger (Cont.)
Charles A. Wickliffe, 1841
Secretary of the Navy George E. Badger (Cont.)
Abel P. Upshur, 1841
David Henshaw1, 1843
Thomas W. Gilmer, 1844
John Y. Mason, 1844
1. Not confirmed by the Senate.

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Cabinet Members with Dates of Appointment
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