The Top Ten: America's Worst Highway Bottlenecks

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
The Top Ten

America's Worst Highway Bottlenecks

RankCityFreewayLocationVehicles Per DayAnnual Hours of Delay
1.Los AngelesUS-101US-101 (Ventura Fwy) at I-405 Interchange318,00027,144
2.HoustonI-610I-610 at I-10 Interchange (West)295,00025,181
3.ChicagoI-90I-90 I-90/94 at I-290 Interchange ("Circle Interchange")293,67125,068
4.PhoenixI-10I-10 I-10 at SR-51/SR-202 Interchange ("Mini-Stack")280,80022,805
5.Los AngelesI-405I-405 I-405 (San Diego Fwy) at I-10 Interchange296,00022,792
6.AtlantaI-75I-75 I-75 at I-85 Interchange259,12821,045
7.Washington (DC-Md.-Va.)I-495I-495 I-495 at I-270 Interchange243,42519,429
8.Los AngelesI-10I-10 I-10 (Santa Monica Fwy) at I-5 Interchange318,50018,606
9.Los AngelesI-405I-405 (San Diego Fwy) at I-605 Interchange318,00018,606
10.AtlantaI-285I-285 at I-85 Interchange ("Spaghetti Junction")266,00017,072

Note: Rankings are based on analysis of 2002 data.
Source: American Highway Users Alliance, Unclogging Americas Arteries 1999–2004. Web:

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