Synonyms of distributed


1. distribute, administer, mete out, deal, parcel out, lot, dispense, shell out, deal out, dish out, allot, dole out, give

usage: administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks"

2. spread, distribute

usage: distribute or disperse widely; "The invaders spread their language all over the country"

3. distribute, transfer

usage: make available; "The publisher wants to distribute the book in Asia"

4. distribute, give out, hand out, pass out, give, gift, present

usage: give to several people; "The teacher handed out the exams"

5. circulate, pass around, pass on, distribute, move, displace

usage: cause be distributed; "This letter is being circulated among the faculty"

6. circulate, circularize, circularise, distribute, disseminate, propagate, broadcast, spread, diffuse, disperse, pass around, publicize, publicise, air, bare

usage: cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"

7. distribute, spread, scatter, spread out

usage: spread throughout a given area; "the function distributes the values evenly"

8. distribute, exist, be

usage: be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses; "Values distribute"

9. distribute, be

usage: be mathematically distributive

10. stagger, distribute, arrange, set up

usage: to arrange in a systematic order; "stagger the chairs in the lecture hall"


1. distributed (vs. concentrated), apportioned, dealt out, doled out, meted out, parceled out, broken, diffuse, diffused, dispensed, dispersed, spread, divided, divided up, shared, shared out, encyclical, fanned, spread-out(prenominal), far-flung, widespread, low-density(prenominal), rationed, scattered, separated, spaced, sparse, thin, splashed, straggly, unfocused, unfocussed, distributive

usage: spread out or scattered about or divided up

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