Synonyms of conservative


1. conservative, conservativist, adult, grownup

usage: a person who is reluctant to accept changes and new ideas

2. Conservative, member, fellow member

usage: a member of a Conservative Party


1. conservative (vs. liberal), blimpish, buttoned-up, fusty, standpat(prenominal), unprogressive, nonprogressive, hidebound, traditionalist, ultraconservative, orthodox, right

usage: resistant to change

2. conservative, right (vs. left) (vs. center)

usage: having social or political views favoring conservatism

3. cautious, conservative, moderate (vs. immoderate)

usage: avoiding excess; "a conservative estimate"

4. button-down, buttoned-down, conservative, conventional (vs. unconventional)

usage: unimaginatively conventional; "a colorful character in the buttoned-down, dull-grey world of business"- Newsweek

5. bourgeois, conservative, materialistic, middle-class (vs. upper-class) (vs. lower-class)

usage: conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class; "a bourgeois mentality"

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