Synonyms of clinched


1. clinch, fasten, fix, secure

usage: secure or fasten by flattening the ends of nails or bolts; "The girder was clinched into the wall"

2. clinch, hold, take hold

usage: hold a boxing opponent with one or both arms so as to prevent punches

3. clench, clinch, seize, prehend, clutch

usage: hold in a tight grasp; "clench a steering wheel"

4. clinch, embrace, hug, bosom, squeeze

usage: embrace amorously

5. clinch, fasten, fix, secure

usage: flatten the ends (of nails and rivets); "the nails were clinched"

6. clinch, settle, square off, square up, determine

usage: settle conclusively; "clinch a deal"


1. clenched, clinched, tight (vs. loose)

usage: closed or squeezed together tightly; "a clenched fist"; "his clenched (or clinched) teeth"

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